November 03, 2004

Stop the Madness

George W. Bush has won this election, and everyone knows it. The networks are playing a silly game-- Fox and (MS)NBC called Ohio for Bush, giving him a 269 electoral vote count, but left Nevada uncalled, while CNN, CBS and ABC called Nevada for Bush but left Ohio uncalled out of deferrence for the Kerry campaign's ludicrous claim that they will close a 135,000 vote deficit with provisional ballots. Likewise, no one will touch Iowa and New Mexico. When charged with being the first to push the President to the 270 mark, the networks reacted like a group of summer camp boys asked to do their dishes, simultaneous shouting "not it!" The Florida recount was apparently even more traumatic for the media than it was for the country.

Speaking of trauma for the country: The Kerry campaign is scheduled to make it's next statement at 10:00 AM or so. If patriotism and decency don't persuade them to concede that a win is mathematically impossible, concern for the long-term political health of the Democratic party ought to. "The Sour Grapes Party" is not the wisest image to cultivate.

UPDATE: Kerry's conceded. Good for him.

Posted by John Tabin at November 3, 2004 06:10 AM