April 06, 2005

Worthwhile Canadian Scandal

Get your banned-in-Canada details on Adscam in my latest AmSpec column.

I didn't mention in the column that some Canadian bloggers are openly engaging in civil disobedience, but I should have.

Posted by John Tabin at April 6, 2005 01:18 AM

Think I`ll go ahead and post that up from Captain`s Quarters on my own blog; I loved your call to action, John! Everyone who blogs (which means virtually everyone, period, these days) should help our oppressed northern brothers!

Posted by: Tim Birdnow at April 7, 2005 07:31 PM

Good piece.

Posted by: Jeremy Lott at April 10, 2005 09:40 AM

Thanks for bringing the Gomery ban and Captain Ed's fight against it to the attention of your readers. The best defence we have against more bans in the future is the attention of people, and especially of bloggers, from both sides of the border.

Don't sweat not mentioning Canadian bloggers -- Captain Ed was the centre of all of this. If you do want to know more about the Canucks, check out Rondi Adamson's piece in the Christian Science Monitor. You should get in touch with her and get her to write you a guest column on this issue, by the way. Captain Ed posted a response to the Adamson column, where he talks more about what Canadian bloggers were doing, including those who chose not to openly defy the ban.

Posted by: Angry in T.O. at April 14, 2005 05:19 AM