April 22, 2005

Links of the Week

Let's try something new: a compilation of quick links to worthwhile stuff you might have missed in the past week. Perhaps I'll make this a regular Friday afternoon feature.

Matt Labash's Weekly Standard cover story, in which he hangs out with Ward Churchill, is a real gem, worth printing out if you find it too long to read off the screen (I read it in the magazine).

On Reason's blog, and in her Boston Globe column, Cathy Young gives recently-deceased man-hating maniac Andrea Dworkin her due.

David Weigel ably defends the facts that he checked for a USA Today op-ed against the whining of liberal media critics.

Few have diagnosed massive shortcomings of the Middle East experts as well as Michael Young.

That's quite a cast of bloggers fighting the good fight at ConfirmBolton.com.

How does Jonah Goldberg protest what's being done to Cookie Monster? By invoking Hannibal Lecter, of course.

Finally, Wlady Pleszczynski notices something amusing about the letters pages of certain newspapers.

Posted by John Tabin at April 22, 2005 06:27 PM

Excellent idea john... Ron and I were just wondering what happened to Ward Churchill, ie did he get fired, payed off, discredited.

I have noticed when I talk to people of the left they DEFEND Ward's chance to speak, but have no problem with spit, pies, and the like being thrown at Coulter, Kristol, and Buchanan. Even spitting on Jane Fonda is dumb and wrong.

Bolton is finished. Powell is speaking against him. Maybe the general isn't as classy as we thought. It is quite a sight to see voting blocs who are discriminated against by the UN dead set against Bolton.

Posted by: ltabin at April 22, 2005 06:58 PM