June 03, 2005

Links of the Week

Jim Geraghty chats with a Middle Eastern Michael Moore fan.

Wretchard of The Belmont Club contemplates the risk of the Islamic world's self-destruction. (Follow the links to his older posts for even more cheerful thoughts, e.g., "Perhaps in the long view of history it will be President Bush's commitment to 'return humans to the moon by 2020 and mount a subsequent human expedition to Mars' that will prove prescient.")

David Weigel tells of meeting Harry Shearer. And Shearer himself, blogging at The Arianna's Rolodex Club, has been posting amusing Larry King footage; all but the first, of a hilarously dumb question, are from commercial break moments picked up on a satellite feed: Larry trying to recruit a charity dinner speaker with George H.W. and Barbara Bush, praising himself to George W. and Laura Bush, and singing.

Finally, here's some footage of Rusty the narcoleptic daschund.

Posted by John Tabin at June 3, 2005 11:50 AM

Interesting links. The NRO interview exposes the grave nature of insiduous anti-American propoganda such as Moore's work and its power to influence sentiment around the world.

Posted by: Amy Allen at June 4, 2005 05:34 PM

Concerning Muslim internecine violence:

It is often forgotten and not even understood by the vast majority of Americans, but Bin Laden's goal was to bring us into the civil war in the Muslim world. It is a civil war between radical fundamentalists like Bin-Laden, and corrupt oppressive dictatorships like the house of Saud.

It is not a pretty picture which is why Bush is trying to Democratize the region.

Sadly, I think he has little chance, and many Americans, including politicians believe that the source of Muslim fundamentalism lies in our oppression of the Muslim world, or Israel's.


Posted by: lt at June 5, 2005 09:09 AM