July 12, 2005

I, Example

I've been alerted that Joan Vennochi quoted me (though not by name) in her Boston Globe column last week (may require registration):

But conservatives despise Gonzales. In just one example, an online article in the conservative American Spectator said that picking Gonzales ''would reek of unprincipled cronyism."
It was actually my fiancee-- not an enthusiast for overturning Roe-- who caught my attention with the declaration that, ideology aside, it would be awful for Bush to "just nominate one of his friends."

Vennochi characterizes the angst over Gonzales as coming from "social conservatives" who "want complete political victory, a Supreme Court justice who mirrors their beliefs, especially when it comes to opposing and restricting abortion." There may be some truth in that oversimplification, but the fact that she quotes a line written by an anti-Roe pro-choicer, inspired by a pro-Roe pro-choicer, from a column that mentions Gonzales in the context of jurisprudence on racial preferences as well as abortion, does underscore that her picture is, indeed, an oversimplification.

Posted by John Tabin at July 12, 2005 01:06 AM