July 15, 2005

Links of the Week

Fred Barnes says that the White House is leaning against nominating Alberto Gonzales.

Eugene Volokh wonders if Andrew Sullivan's golden age, when the public favored kid gloves for terrorists, ever existed. (And congrats to Volokh for receiving a nice piece of non-furniture.)

Mickey Kaus ruminates on the increasingly-plausible Plame-leak theory that "many MSM journalists, who know more about the case than I do, are worried about." Glenn Reynolds thinks lefty blog reactions indicate that "the scandal is pretty much over."

Someone has discovered a way to stay awake during sessions of the EU Parliament.

Finally, just because I skipped the link round-up last week doesn't mean I can overlook Orin Kerr's wonderful "only supreme court editorial you have to read."

Posted by John Tabin at July 15, 2005 06:50 PM