August 26, 2005

Links of the Week

Jim Robbins looks at the fracturing alliance between domestic insurgents and al Qaeda in Iraq.

Omar of Iraq the Model explains the deadlock over the Iraqi constitution (which may break this weekend).

Instapundit does one of his ever-expanding posts, this time on SUVs and fuel economy.

Christian Lowe reports on the Pentagon's search for metrics to assess the success of the War on Terror.

Patrick Ruffini analyzes his latest poll of (self-selected) blog-readers' GOP primary preferences.

Finally, this clip has been going around, though I find it less interesting as a partisan brickbat and more interesting as a reminder that Bob Hope, who died only two years, was already in his late 30s by the time of The Ghost Breakers (1940).

Posted by John Tabin at August 26, 2005 11:57 AM