December 30, 2005

Another Year...

...Another AmSpec column casting doubt on other people's predictions.

Posted by John Tabin at December 30, 2005 12:23 AM

I enjoyed your predictions and it will certainly
be a interesting year for the world yet again.
As for Canada, thanks for the mention with no
Yes, we are in a mess up here. The liberals are
a tough bunch to beat, but they are certainly
making it easier with their really outstanding
terrible behaviour. They cannot seem to stop
their mouths from saying something they have to
resign for! Yeah!
I know our relationship will improve if Stephen
wins with even a fair majority. He is much like
the president, what you see is what you get and
he is a good, honest, hardworking, and sometimes
even funny man. Although
in Canada there is very little seen of the
Prime Minister's family. Which would be best
with the small children, and Stephen does not
usually do family pictures for the media. Did onw
on return home for Christmas this year
So, I dream, but dreams can come true, who would
have thought President Bush would become the
tough president he is, five years ago.
Happy New Year to you and yours, 2006 should
be worth watching.

Posted by: Cjg at December 30, 2005 01:23 AM