April 28, 2004

Specter by a Nose

A fairly small nose.

Toomey's loss can be explained in part by how amazingly disorganized the Toomey campaign was, something that Shawn Macomber reported on yesterday-- and which the rah-rah-Toomey coverage on that other website overlooked. (Dave Weigel, in the midst of a typically sharp bit of commentary on his blog, rightly praised Shawn's work yesterday.)

Now Specter enters the general election severely bloodied. I only hope that the PA conservative base, who've now been told repeatedly that Specter is the devil incarnate, will not be so disillusioned that they stay home in November. Bush needs their votes.

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April 27, 2004

Specter + Bush vs. Toomey

Hey, I'm back! The blog is looking awfully neglected these days. I'll try to rectify that soon. In the meantime, I weigh in on the Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary in my latest for the American Spectator Online.

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April 14, 2004

Prez Conference

My reaction to Bush's press conference last night is now up at the American Spectator online.

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April 05, 2004

The Boom

With the arrival of the lastest employment data, the economy is no longer a political liability for the President or Congressional Republicans. I look at the data in my latest for the American Spectator online.

FYI: I'm going out of town, so don't expect anything else here for the rest of the week. ("Why would we?" shout the hecklers in the peanut gallery.)

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