October 29, 2005


A day spent following the Libby indictment story and posting at AmSpecBlog + A Holloween party in the evening + A bandwidth-exceeded notice when I got home and tried to post = No Links of the Week.

(BlogHouse hostess Kathy Kinsley fixed the problem very quickly, apologizing for not being on top of it during an understandably tough week.)

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October 28, 2005

Help Wanted

Jeremy Lott is writing a book on hypocrisy (defending it), and needs help with the chapter on Hollywood.

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October 26, 2005

Heather Bare, RIP

MommaBear, coblogger of JohnTabin.com hostess Kathy Kinsley, has passed away. My condolences.

UPDATE: Title changed from The Laughing Wolf's name for her ("my Bonnie, Bonnie Heather") to what I gather was her proper name.

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October 21, 2005

Links of the Week

Marc Siegel and Patrick Cunningham, both med-school professors, say bird-flu fears are overblown.

Duncan Currie notes the conflict between the Miers nomination and the GOP's tradition defense of meritocracy.

David Frum says that yes-man staffers are serving Bush poorly.

Daniel Henninger prescribes a four-step recovery program for the President.

Finally, Andrew Cline writes that a Chicago victory in the World Series would annoy Fidel Castro. Go Sox!

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Miers is Doomed

So I boldly predict in today's AmSpec column.

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October 14, 2005

Links of the Week

Jack Shafer looks at the alarming possibility that the Plame investigation could feature constitutionally questionable use of espionage law.

Charles Krauthammer is here to frighten us all.

Rich Lowry writes that public school students ought to have what I was lucky enough to get in private school: an education in the Bible as literature.

INDCJournal, which went dormant for a long time, has come alive, and now features two wisecracking bloggers in addition to Bill Ardolino.

Finally, via Jonah Goldberg, comes a highly addictive little timewaster.

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Un-know... ing-- Un-trust... ing-- Un-love... ed?

In today's AmSpec column, I look further at Harriet Miers, and whether she can be stopped.

(Note: If you got the post title last week, you should get this one. If you get neither, look here.)

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October 08, 2005

Links of the Week - Late and Short Edition

I usually do the link round-up on Fridays, but yesterday I didn't. Here are two to get you through the weekend, and while both are basically right I have a quibble with each.

Victor Davis Hanson writes on the consensus view on Iraq. Saying "no mainstream figure is demanding either an immediate withdrawal from Iraq or an imperial build-up" writes a number of US Senators out of the mainstream, though; several liberal Democrats want to bug out, and I believe John McCain still wants more troops sent in (not that I endorse either view).

And Dave Weigel, joining the elite club of those who've written for both The American Spectator and The American Prospect (the only other club member I can think of is Jeremy Lott), points out the White House's problems recruiting 2006 candidates. He sells Conrad Burns a little short, I think, but otherwise Dave's analysis looks sound. (I don't think the Senate is in real danger of flipping, but that's not what Dave is arguing.)

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October 04, 2005

Harriet! Har-ee-et...

I assess the newest Supreme Court nominee in today's AmSpec column.

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